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"Measuring Limit Means Machining Limit.
Measuring Capability Controls Machinability."

Ogasawara precision laboratory was founded with a vocation to pursuit for "Ultimate gear accuracy" in 1942. In every stepping up procedure for accuracy improvement, we have developed machines and equipments to meet with our demand. Thus, our quality products based on the accumulated experiences through our continuous accuracy improvement study, satisfies your accuracy demand with gears for sure.

For fine pitch gear market, we are one of the largest manufacturers in the world for highest quality hobs, cutters, and extremely accurate master-gears. Own made products of high-performance measuring machines & equipments for gears are greatly welcomed in gear industry as well.

"When measured there must be the way to improve."

Our beliefs on above allowed us to develop micro-displacement measuring device "Telemicro". It enables you to measure outstanding resolution of 10nanos(finest) with wireless connection between the measuring-probe and its measurement-display.


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"Ultra Precision CNC Grinding Machine"
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